Welcome to the Darling Downs Soaring Club

Based in the Darling Downs, Queensland, the Club was formed in 1960 and has since grown to be one of the largest and most progressive clubs in Australia.  Gliding is an inexpensive way to learn to fly and is the most challenging of all aviation sports, involving skill, determination, discipline and tactics.  Want to try the thrill of gliding or perhaps you'd like to give someone a special gift?  Check out our Air Experience Flights.  Interested in joining the club?  Take a look at our fleet and facilities

If you want to find out more about gliding click on 'About Gliding' or 'About Us'. Start with Air Experience Flights

Some features you may not see at other clubs:

- Full time students under 26 fly at ½ price glider rates
- Online booking system for our single seat aircraft
- Training request system to help us effectively manage our pilots' progress
- Tugs, and all club and private gliders are fitted with collision avoidance Flarm
- Dittolog automatic flight recording and integration to accounting
- Annual scholarships for young pilots
- Webcam and weather station

 Feel free to explore the members' area even if you are not a member. Some areas require a member's password.