Darling Downs Soaring club has great soaring and cross country conditions all year round which makes it ideal for visiting glider pilots.  DDSC welcomes visiting pilots from all over Australia and the world.  If you interested in coming out to the club contact us for more information.  Below are a few testimonials by some of our recent visitors and one of our regulars:


Daniel Eis, Aero Club Bad Neustadt (Germany)

"It is not just the gliding, the climate or the location that make a visit memorable. It is the happiness of the club, the vibe and most of all the people there. "  [Read Full Testimonial]

Peter Flanagan, Long Island Soaring Club (USA)

 "My trip to Australia was meant to be a once in a lifetime one,  but my experience with the Darling Downs Soaring Club has made me want to return there and I hope to in the near future"  [Read Full Testimonial] 


Arndt Wilke, FCC Berlin (Germany)

"I loved staying with the DDSC and thank all club members for making this wonderful experience possible!" [Read full testimonial]


Dave Tillman, Canterbury Gliding Club (NZ)

"DDSC offers great flying combined with great people to make it a real winner."  [Read full testimonial]


Tina Mueller, Flugsportverein "Otto Lilienthal" Stölln/Rhinow e.V (Germany)

 "As a German, I was jealous of these heavenly thermal conditions in late autumn. I had the great opportunity to have two flights ..."  [Read Full Testimonial] 


Madison McDaniel, Griffith University Soaring Society (QLD, Australia)

 "It was a full-on educational experience for all of us and there was a gliding pilot to suit our abilities when we had our flights. ..."  [Read Full Testimonial] 


Ping Sau Choi (Boris), Hong Kong

"It was an amazing experience to fly in ddsc. Nice members, great gliders and excellent instructors..."   [Read Full Testimonial] 


Juan Garcia, New Zealand 

"I not only had an absolute blast and improved my skills, but I found a great place to come back to and do my Winter flying..."   [Read Full Testimonial]