The spin awareness clinic includes two flights with a certified GFA Instructor in a modern two seat sailplane, towed to 4000 feet to ensure that you have enough time to experience a variety of stalls, unusual attitudes, and spins. The experience can be overwhelming at first, and you need more than one flight to absorb and understand what's going on and to begin to learn the proper responses to each situation.

The goal of this clinic is to teach the pilot how to feel more comfortable with stall entries and recoveries, to demonstrate proper control input technique for stall/spin recovery, to help you identify the signs of a stall/spin, and to know how to identify and avoid the chain of events that lead up to the classic stall/spin accident. 


Who is this suitable for?

This clinic is designed for every pilot who wants to get familiar with the full spectrum of stalls and spins.
Pilots who want to experience the benefits of knowing what an incipient stall and fully developed spin feels like.
Pilots that may not feel comfortable with stalls and may have never experienced a spin, or pilots who would like a stall/spin refresher.

Note that this clinic is not designed to provide training in stall or spin maneuvers it is solely designed to provide you with an opportunity to experience these events and understand what forces are at play.

Note that due to glider load limits, pilots must weigh no more than 100kgs.

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