1. Online Membership Application Form 
  2. Membership and Invoicing Policy
  3. Fees and Charges
  4. Hangar Policy
  5. Darling Downs Soaring Club Rules (as at Dec 2016)
  6. GFA Application Form (cadets only)
  7. DDSC Policy on Aircraft Insurance
  8. DDSC Annual Trophies and Awards 
  9. DDSC Ratified Policies
  10. DDSC Expense Claim Form 
  11. GUSS - GFA Introductory Membership Form
  12. GUSS - GFA Introductory Membership (Youth Group tax invoice)

Post Solo

  1. A,B and C Certificate Questions
  2. Now You're Solo - Next Steps (ABC and GPC)
  3. Air Experience Instructor Passenger Awareness


  1. DDSC Manual of Standard Operating Procedures
  2. GFA Declaration of Physical Fitness
  3. GFA Medical Practitioners Certificate of Fitness
  4. Glider Hire Form (PDF) / (Word)
  5. July 2006 Operations Status Check
  6. July 2008 Operations Status Check
  7. Operations Status Check 2012
  8. SAR Register
  9. Visiting Pilots Info
  10. DDSC Airspace and CTAF Diagrams
  11. Sun Protection


Duty Pilots

  1. Intro to being a duty pilot (video)
  2. Duty Pilot Presentation
  3. Checklist Responsibilities 
  4. Checklist Start of day
  5. Checklist New Member
  6. Checklist AEF
  7. Checklist Money Handling
  8. Checklist GUSS
  9. Checklist End of day
  10. Checklist Dittolog
  11. Checklist Last to Leave 
  12. Duty Pilot Manual




Aircraft Manuals and DDSC Flight Guides

Astir Jeans

Flight Manual
Handling Guide

Discus B

Flight Manual


Flight Manual

Handling Guide

Duo Discus XL

Flight Manual
Duo XL Handling Guide
B700 User Guide
B700 Manual


Flight Manual


Flight Manual

Weight & Balance


Supplementary Manuals, Guides and Notes

  1. Pawnee Flying Notes
  2. Training Supplement – Use of Flaps
  3. Radio Procedures for Glider Pilots
  4. Using FLARM
  5. Flying with Water Ballast
  6. Glider Conversions
  7. Introduction to Glider Weight and Balance

Duo Wheel Parts

  1. Catalogue
  2. Caliper and pads
  3. Wheel


Instrument Manuals

  1. Borgelt B40
  2. Borgelt B500
  3. Borgelt B800
  4. Colibri Data Logger
  5. Basic Instrument Explanations
  6. Becker AR 4201 VHF Radio Guide
  7. OzFlarm User Guide
  8. Dittel FSG60m radio manual (installed in discus)


  1. A Guide to Outfield Landings

Engine Replacement Documents

  1. Tug Option Comparison (9th July 2006)  (excel)
  2. Replacement Engine Options
  3. Replacement Engine Closure
  4. Tug Options Comparisons Spreadsheet

Online GFA Documents

  1. AB&C Certificate Application Form
  2. GFA Accident and Incident Report
  3. Aircraft Familiarity (Operational Bulletin Number 1/06)