Some friends of mine invited me to their farm near Dalby. On my way I passed by the Darling Downs Soaring Club. I had already known of this airfield due to some OLC flights, that were started near the small community of Bowenville.

A few days later I called Jenny Thompson, the president of the club. She told me, to come over at anytime before briefing.
So I drove to the club and stayed there spontaneously one week in the bunk house for A$7.50 a night(!!!).
Richard H. gave me the compulsory instruction flight in their ASK 21 to check my flying skills. It was very nice to fly over that flat landscape with all those irrigated fields and straight roads!

At the and of the flight Richard did on my request some loops. (First time I did a loop with a glider!! :D )
Richard has been fine with my flying. So afterwards I was allowed to hire a glider from the club.
I chartered some days later the Jeans Astir and flow with it aprox. 30kms in each direction. I was able to take some pictures of the huge coal mines and Toowomba. It would be worth to fly there just to see the city at the ridge of the Great Dividing Range! There was also a bushfire near Dalby, I was so curious to fly the updraft, that was caused be the fire that I flew all the way in direction with the wind. Unfortunatly the thermal didnt lift me up and there were no other thermals around because it was already too late. I had to land out.
Richard had shown me some days before typically good paddocks, that are OK to outland.  That‘s way everything worked well. It was interesting to have a look at the irigation system with the dam and the one shed next to the field wich was damaged by a tornado some weeks ago.
Due to the  'Spot', that Richard gave me for flying it was very easyly for Mitch and Richard to find me. As they came I expected Richard to be a little upset but instead he praised me for the paddock that I choose. Australians are so calm and friendly!  <3
Another junior glider pilot (Mitch) was also at the Airfield at those days. Over the days Jo, Richard and Mike gave him advice for his first competition that he‘ll participate in soon. I also listened to their advice and learnt a lot.

Some days later good weather was forecasted. Thats why I did a short flight with the Discus B to get used to it and to be ready to fly it at the next day. The Discus is such a lovely glider.  It is flying sooo nicely and it has even a good performance. Its much better than the Ka8, the glider I usually do crosscountry flying.
At the next morning some pilots made the briefing and set a task like they do every morning.
The Task for that day was a flight over Jandowae and Miles (200-400-ish km).
First everything was just alright, conditions like you would find them in Germany, but as soon as the first CU developed, the thermal was very

 strong. 1,000ft/min or 5m/s while thermaling with an 30° angle in 9000ft amsl.

I made the task but at that day and with a discus everybody could fly the task.
Afterwards Bob uploaded my flight in to the OLC and anylsed every singel section with a special Program. Mike who flow the task with a 110km/h speed, gave me also some useful advice.
Thank you very much for that! During the time I joined the DDSC I really improved my crosscountry skills due to Jo, Richard, Mike and Bob. I also had  a very good time at the evenings with Kerry Klein with whom I  drank a beer almost every night.  Or Paula, Mike, Richard and Jo with whom I eat vegetarian dishes at the evenings. Aimee with whom I caught up again. And everybody else... .


It is not just the gliding, the climate or the location that make a visit memorable. It is the happiness of the club, the vibe and most of all the people there.
If you have the chance, you shoud definitely visit the DDSC! 

Aero Club Bad Neustadt