A mate casually said I should visit DDSC in Australia, the flying’s good and the people are really nice. So I arranged to join one of their flying weeks and ten years later I’ve just completed my 15th visit to the club and experienced some of the best flying I’ve ever had.  Why do I keep going back to the Darling Downs when my home club in NZ has some of he best gliding conditions in the world?  

Firstly the flying is different, its all thermals and there are no massive mountains getting in the road. This has allowed me to hone my speed flying skills which has improved my flying back home.


Secondly the people, this club would be the friendliest I have visited anywhere in the world. I have no doubt that if you showed up for the first time you would be made to feel most welcome. And at the end of flying each day there is an excellent social side with lots of laughter and banter.


To sum it all up, DDSC offers great flying combined with great people to make it a real winner.


David Tillman

Canterbury Gliding Club,  New Zealand